Spring 2015 is rapidly coming to an end. Finals are just about here, and Graduation is right around the corner.

See more about our GRAD PARTY celebration, and also RSVP for GRAD WEEKEND meals and the open house BBQ all afternoon on Graduation Day. 

Our last TorahTues of the year is on “Spiritual Networking” presented by graduating senior Owen Strong using the LinkedIN concept.  We’re going to complete our Sunday Talmud chapter on Sunday May 10th at the Minyan Brunch.

Lag B’Omer falls on the eve of Reading Day this year. Come by to Shabbos House for a firepit and music, s’mores and more. Here are 3 of Rabbi Mendel’s teen memories from the Lag B’Omer Parades in Crown Heights.

L’Chaim Student Board met to brainstorm and plan for the Fall 2015 semester. Good stuff is in store. Stay tuned for details, but we already posted the alternating Shabbat Schedule with Hillel on our EVENTS CALENDAR, more events and details to be posted there soon…

If you didn’t see it yet… The Lchaim Unite 2015 video is up! Visit: www.tinyurl.com/LchaimUnite2015 to watch “The Fresh Prince of Lchaim” (a lively 1 minute spoof on the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). Any support you contribute (even $5, $10 or $18) via the Unite website earmarked for Lchaim goes to Lchaim/Shabbos House programming, plus it enables us to win valuable bonus prize funds (in past year’s it bought an extra fridge, a commerical mixer, the sound system we use for Jamming nights etc).

Nearly every Shabbat this semester had a special theme. From Bukharian Shabbat on the first weekend back with special foods and treats. On the weekend of February 6-8 we had 3 different special events, from Twin-Shabbat, to the AEPI alumni reunion at Shabbat Lunch and the Mega-Challah-Bake for women on Sunday.  And most recently the Sheva Brachos Shabbat for Ben and Stephanie and the Krieger Twins Bar-Mitzvah anniversary celebration. Good times!

The bitter cold seems to be behind us now, snow is melting everywhere. Best wishes to all for a refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break, and when you come back  it will be getting quite close to Passover! Yes, we will be hosting the Seders and holiday meals for those who won’t be going home, see all the Passover at Shabbos House details here. 

Our Burn the Mortgage in 2015 thermometer has been inching upward, one contribution at a time! Thanks for investing with us. The thermometer reflects actual in-the-bank contributions since this campaign was announced in December 2015, there are additional pledges that are being paid over time.

Our Talmud class is moving along, just about a page and a half left toward our chapter completion. We hope to schedule a “Siyum” Talmudic completion celebration. Stay tuned!

Have a great Spring!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors