We had another great Shabbat. Mendels’ Friday Night Messsage this week was a re-read on an old Berenstain Bears early reader classic, and an important life message.

Sadly, the campus community, especially his close friends, mourn the sudden passing of a UAlbany student Dan S. We studied Mishna in his memory at Shabbat Lunch. May we all be there for each other and support one another, in good times and bad, but better for good times.

We had a marvelous day out in the sun tabling at the SA Block Party wearing the new DaneJewHome shirts and giving out “Soak it all in!” Shabbos House towels. We met lots of people and the energy was great.

The High Holidays are soon upon us! Look for our Midnight Selichot Jam, Shofar Factory and the Pre-Rosh Hashanah Challah Bake. Are you up here for Rosh Hashanah? While most will be headed home for the extended weekend, some students will be staying up here and we will be hosting Rosh Hashanah prayers and festive holiday meals here. You are welcome for as much of the services as you’d like to attend. Here’s the schedule of prayers and meals for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, High Holidays at UAlbany. It will be traditional yet student-friendly, with informal warmth and quick explanations and inspiration throughout. Yom-Kippur Services will be co-sponsored by UAlbany Hillel and Shabbos House Chabad and held in the Campus Center. Pre-fast and Break-fast will be sponsored by UAlbany Hillel at the Campus Center.

Mushky is off to Israel (see the page for the significance of the truck in the background) and we drove down to NY to celebrate an engagement of two very dear alumni friends. We had another alumni family up for a visit, and our Sunday Talmud class got off to a great start.

Right now there’s a special offer available for first-time Mezuzah users to get their own Mezuzah for $5 (a $40 value!) one Mezuzah per household, and for first-timers only. This offer is available to young adults and students, use the website: www.JoinProtectiveEdge.com. These Mezuzot are in the merit of protecting our homes and our homeland in this challenging time. The Mezuzot will be delivered to Shabbos House, and we can give them to you or help you affix them. We already got our second batch of Mezuzot, we are happy to see students take advantage of this opportunity.

Thanks to last year’s Unite Funds we bought a new 20 qt commercial mixer which will help with Challah dough, cookies, pizza-dough and much more. This year’s  Lchaim Unite Video is up for this year. Check it out (its a twist on Frozen) and give it a $5 or $10 vote! In past years the Unite Video earned us a new commercial fridge and the sound system we use for speakers and Jamming Night. Your small contribution-vote can go a long way…

Thanks to all for your personal involvement and generous support!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors