We wish all our friends: students, alumni and their families and the greater community, a Happy, Healthy and Kosher Passover, with meaningful and memorable Seders, and a true sense of freedom: spiritually, emotionally and physically, breaking through barriers and limitations.

Are you up here for the Seders? or for the later holiday meals including Shabbat? Check out our Passover 2014 Holiday Schedule at Shabbos House. There will be ten meals served at Shabbos House this Passover, including the Seders. You won’t go hungry!

This year’s  Lchaim Unite Video is up for this year. Check it out (its a twist on Frozen) and give it a $5 or $10 vote! In past year’s the Unite Video earned us a new commercial fridge and the sound system we use for speakers and Jamming Night. Your small contribution-vote can go a long way…

The Fall-Mid-Spring “What’s Cooking?” update newsletter is finally out and in the mail, long overdue since Winter Break prepared and ready for print. We included events through the regional Shabbaton. See it here online in PDF format: http://www.shabboshouse.org/whats-cooking/

And before you know it, will be the Grad Party! Looking forward to a great end of this Spring semester…

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors