What an amazing first Shabbat back! Second Friday Night is at Hillel in CC 375, and Raizy is away at her Chabad Womens Conference in NYC, along with our older girls. Mendel’s home with the younger ones, there will be Minyan and Lunch here at Shabbos Day.

Raizy has been encouraging the guys to do a special 43 Tefillin for Mendel’s 43rd (Hebrew) birthday on the Sunday of January 31st.  Looks like it is coming together! Raizy’s birthday (just a few days apart) falls this year on Tuesday night, so Raizy will be leading a TorahTues on “Proverbs Points to Ponder” along with a birthday party in her honor. We share a FB account, so there are no surprises (and no secrets).

Also, a special Hakhel-Halftime Superbowl offer is in the works. Hosting a game? See page for details and signup. By pre-order only.

On Sunday Feb 21st, we’re hosting a communal event titled “Global Hakhel and Nano Talmud Siyum” (signup RSVPs are appreciated) it’s a two hour program and luncheon, with the first hour featuring Bibi Netanyahu, Rabbi Lau, Rabbi Sacks, Mrs. Frankel and Rabbi Schochet, and the second hour a local celebration of daily Talmud study at Nanotech.

The 11th Womens Spa for the Body and Soul (link and page soon) will be once again at Shabbos House. No cost for students. This year, in addition to Spa treatments and a gourmet luncheon, the featured speaker is “Busy in Brooklyn” a food blogger from NYC.

Lots of paperwork and backend piles up throughout the semester, so we’ll be tackling that, plus planning for the new semester as well. It comes faster than you’d think! Plus we have to get out our “What’s Cooking?” newsletter update recapping the amazing semester that was Fall 2015.

We enjoyed spending some quality time with the kids. Sometimes the semester can get hectic, and we value these quieter times to do fun things together as a family, especially since they have some time off from school.


Shabbat 360 was amazing! See here for 7 reasons (and a postscript) why students shouldn’t miss it, and a Hakhel thought and a Parsha thought from the morning after.

The #40K24H campaign was beyond words! Meeting the original goal within the first two hours, and nearly doubling our goal within 24 hours… It ended up raising $75K in 24 hours! More on that to be posted soon, it was incredible, there’s lots to share and many to thank, but we have to get through Chanukah first. We put half these funds to pay down the remaining building debt, see our thermometer now!

See this post on “A Time for Travel – Nov 2015 for 5 recent trips we drove in and out in a 15-day span, visiting and celebrating with alumni. May we travel for Simchas when we can!

Thanks all for an amazingly full, rich and memorable Fall 2015 semester, and there’s still a little more ahead!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors