Purim is coming to UAlbany, check out the Wed Night March 4th Megillah and Carnival in the CC Ballroom as well as 3 smaller Purim daytime events.  See there ways you can prepare ahead of time! Think of costume for masquerade, a angle to put into our triangle mural, and help spread the word to friends.

3 special events for the last Shabbat in February: Sleepover, Dessert Bake-Off and Jamming Night. Minyan Brunches continue weekly on Sundays along with a little Talmud study.

Nearly every Shabbat this semester had a special theme. From Bukharian Shabbat on the first weekend back with special foods and treats. On the weekend of February 6-8 we had 3 different special events, from Twin-Shabbat, to the AEPI alumni reunion at Shabbat Lunch and the Mega-Challah-Bake for women on Sunday.  And most recently the Sheva Brachos Shabbat for Ben and Stephanie and the Krieger Twins Bar-Mitzvah anniversary celebration. Good times!

The “What’s Cooking?” update newsletter has been mailed, 12 pages this time, chock-full of photos and memories of this past Fall semester and summer 2014, plus the last 2 months of Spring 2014 after the Regional Shabbaton. If you don’t get it at home, please let us know.

Yes, it’s been very cold and quite snowy, but we’re trying to keep it warm within and warm our surroundings!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors