With the recent events in Israel, still unfolding, our hearts and prayers are with the people of Israel. Follow @shabboshouse on Twitter to get our ongoing thoughts and mini-commentary on the happenings across the seas that are close to our heart.

Otherwise, we’re trying to stay close to home at 320 Fuller this month.

It’s been a hectic June on the road, with much traveling to alumni weddings and other joyous occasions, the Chabad on Campus conference, the Rebbe’s 20th Yartzeit, and Mendel’s brother’s wedding in NJ. Being that Raizy is due at the end of July we’re going to try to stay put as much as possible for July, and do things from home. There’s so much to do before the new semester begins in the Fall!

We had a beautiful Shabbos with visiting alumni over July 4th weekend. See that link for a bunch of insights shared that weekend. Two more Cozy-Shabbat weekends planned: July 11-12 and August 8-9. Alumni interested in visiting and staying with us are welcome, please call ahead.

Thanks to last year’s Unite Funds we bought a new 20 qt commercial mixer which will help with Challah dough, cookies, pizza-dough and much more. This year’s  Lchaim Unite Video is up for this year. Check it out (its a twist on Frozen) and give it a $5 or $10 vote! In past years the Unite Video earned us a new commercial fridge and the sound system we use for speakers and Jamming Night. Your small contribution-vote can go a long way…

Our oldest four are away at camp. Mushky is day-camp counselor in Palo Alto CA, Chani is a day-camp counselor in Solon OH, Moshe is very much enjoying a yeshiva-camp in Morristown NJ and Sara is at JGR close by in Latham NY. Bassie and Bluma started local day-camp after July 4th and Esther Miriam is in “tatty-mommy camp” at home.

The Fall-Mid-Spring “What’s Cooking?” update newsletter has been mailed, long overdue since Winter Break prepared and ready for print. We included events through the regional Shabbaton. See it here online in PDF format: http://www.shabboshouse.org/whats-cooking/

We are now preparing for the new semester, getting organized, planning and working on fundraising to make it all possible. Thanks to all for your generous support!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors