After a most memorable holiday marathon, especially over the two extended Sukkot and Simchat Torah holiday weekends, with the wonderful warmth and amazing energy, we’re now back to regular season programming.

COMING UP: We have a few out-of-the-box Torah Tuesday classes planned (Seussian Talmud on 10/22 and Jewish commentary on Curb Your Enthusiasm on 10/28). The Jewish Womens Connection planned for Thursday 10/23 will be rescheduled due to the fact that many have lots of catchup work after so much holiday. Our Sunday Talmud class is back on schedule, each Sunday at the Minyan Brunch. And yes, we have some Jamming Nights planned on Sat Nights. This year’s JSAM (Jewish Social Action Month) project of UA-UHAPPY! and Happy-To-Go! is scheduled for the weekend of Nov 15th and leading up to it. Sta tuned soon for more details on that social-action project and awareness.

ALT PARENTS WKND: Some parents asked for an alternate Parents Weekend at Shabbos House since they couldn’t make it up for Homecoming because of the 3-day holiday weekend. So we’re doing another Parents Weekend on Nov 14-15, a few families have already signed up and we’re looking forward to that weekend.

SARA’S BAT-MITZVAH: Time is running out and we didn’t get invites out yet, but save the date for Sara’s Bat-Mitzvah at Shabbos House, on the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend, 5-7pm at Shabbos House. Most students will be returning from home around that time, and it also gives relatives and alumni time to drive back that evening after the program & festivities. That evening is the actual Hebrew date of Sara’s 12th birthday, the 9th of Kislev.

NO NEWSLETTER? Yes, we have fallen behind. It’s been a more hectic summer than planned, thank G-d all went well, but this is the first time we’ve missed a Spring/Summer edition of the “What’s Cooking?” newsletter update. We hope to get one out soon, including the invite for Sara’s Bas-Mitzvah and the alternative Parents/Family Weekend.

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors